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Wedding Ceremony Music Guide [2020]

Michael Manners @ChurchMusic.ie   April 15, 2020

Read the ChurchMusic.ie guide to choosing music for your wedding ceremony – what musicians, what songs and how to arrange details at the church....

String Quartet Guide

Michael Manners @ChurchMusic.ie   April 1, 2019

Choosing the music for the wedding ceremony is arguably one of the most important decisions you will make. There are a number of areas one needs to consider before doing so. ...

Voice Classification and Singing

Michael Manners @ChurchMusic.ie   April 1, 2019

When we sing, air expelled from our lungs causes the vocal cords to vibrate like reeds, and so produce a note. To sing a higher note, we tighten the vocal cords....

The Church Organ: How does it really work?

Michael Manners @ChurchMusic.ie   April 1, 2019

The modern organ is the most complicated of all instruments. Its sounds are produced by wind blowing through several complete sets, or ranks, of pipes....

Traditional Irish Music and Instruments – History and Origins

Michael Manners @ChurchMusic.ie   April 1, 2019

Traditional Irish music, as we now know it, was no doubt influenced by the Gaelic aristocratic music widespread in Ireland until the 1600’s....

Woodwind Instruments – Edge-blown & Reeds

Michael Manners @ChurchMusic.ie   April 1, 2019

The instruments of the woodwind family can produce a wide variety of sounds, from the shrill piping of the piccolo to the deep gruff blurts of the bassoon....

The Piano – History & Workings

Michael Manners @ChurchMusic.ie   April 1, 2019

The pianoforte – usually called the piano for short – was invented in 1698 by an Italian named Bartolomeo Cristofori. It has become the most popular of instruments....

Guitars & Lutes – Classification & Varieties

Michael Manners @ChurchMusic.ie   April 1, 2019

The instruments of the string family can be divided into two main groups. The first group contains instruments such as the violin and cello that are mainly played with a bow. ...

The Irish Harp – History and Kinds

Michael Manners @ChurchMusic.ie   April 1, 2019

The national symbol of Ireland is the harp – the only country to have a musical instrument as its symbol. This instrument, however, has had a troubled history....