St Patrick – Kilquade

St Patrick – Kilquade

Steeped in history, St Patrick’s Church, Kilquade takes its name from Ireland’s patron saint. Uniquely the church still uses two chalices that bear the inscription dates of 1633 and 1759. The church burnt down in 1798 and it was rebuilt to its modern day structure in 1802. The church was completely renovated and refurbished in 2003 and is kept in excellent condition. The acoustics of the church are superb. There is enough seating for a congregation of 100 in the main nave of the church and the same number again to either side of the altar. There is a choir balcony with a functioning organ.

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Local Venues

 The Glenview Hotel
 Glen o’ the Downs, Co. Wicklow
 Druid’s Glen
 Newtown, Co. Wicklow