Musicians’ FAQ

How do I get a listing on

Simply visit the signup page to acquire a listing on – you will then receive an email with instructions on how to send us all your details – your biography, your preferred category, your media (including image, audio and video).

What is the subscription cost?

A subscription costs either €5 per month or €50 per year. It can be paid online with all major credit cards. There is also the option to pay through your Paypal account.

You may also call us on 01 5240100 and pay your subcription by credit card over the phone.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your monthly subscription, simply send an email to and we will cancel your listing immediately. If you have a yearly subscription, you will receive an email from us one week in advance of your renewal date, giving you the option to cancel if you so wish. Or you can email us at any time to cancel the yearly subscription, and you will not automatically be billed for a successive year.

What is the "Client Area"?

This is the area on the website where you will submit all your details for your listing, including biography, image, audio, video, category preference etc. You receive instructions on how to access this area once you sign up.

How exactly am I listed on

When you sign up, you will choose one category of musician type for your listing. Musicians can only be listed in one category. An extra category requires an extra subscription. You will also choose one county as your location – but you can indicate in your listing where exactly you travel to perform.

  • Female Singers
  • Male Singer
  • String Quartets
  • Groups 1 voice
  • Groups 2 voices
  • Groups 3&4 voices
  • Groups with no voices
  • Pianists & Organists
  • Solo Guitarists
  • Solo Harpists
  • Solo Strings
  • Solo Woodwind
  • Singer Orgainsts/Pianists
  • Singer Harpists
  • Traditional Irish Music Groups
  • Uilleann Pipers
  • Bagpipers
  • Agencies
  • Choirs

How should my media (images etc.) be formatted?

Please follow these guidelines when submitting your media for your listing on – you will submit the below in the “Client Area” of the website. Once you sign up, you receive instructions on how to access this area of the website.

We strongly recommend that in addition to an image, you also supply us with an audio recording. A video may also be submitted if available.

  • Image: This should be in landscape format – and not portrait! In other words, it should be a wide image rather than a tall image. It should be at least 650 pixels in width.
  • Audio: This should be in mp3 format, and should roughly 3 minutes in duration. If you don’t have any audio recorded, a simple solution is to use your phone to record yourself. The recording quality is not important. What is more important is that you actually have a recording in your listing! Once you have your recording made on your phone, you should simply then email us that recording. Most phones have this option – just like emailing an image.
  • Video: If you have a video of yourself performing live – great! Send us the link (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) or you can actually upload the video to the website via the “Client Area” mentioned above.

How can I update my listing with new info/media?

Log in to the Client Area with the password you were sent by email when you signed up. If you have any difficulties, please send us an email to and we will send you instructions on how to do this. Or call us at any point if you have any enquiries!

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