4inaBar Video 16

4 in a Bar Teaches Tags: #3 Somehow

4inaBar Video 16
John Manners @ The Team
January 2, 2020

4 in a Bar Teaches Tags: #3 Somehow

Date: Jun 2017
Duration: 2:46
View Count: 622

Summer’s in full swing and ‘4 in a Bar Teaches Tags’ is back with Tag #3! This month we are singing ‘Somewhere’ (Classic Tags for Men’s Voices). For the full tag, go to 1:28

This tag was made famous by ‘Interstate Rivals’ in 1985. Performed by 4 in a Bar: Eoin Conway, Shane Barriscale, Paul McGough, Tristan Caldwell
With thanks to St. Mary’s Church, Haddington Road, Dublin

Tommy: (c) Sminky Animation 2012

Managed by Paul McGough
Edited by Shane Barriscale


(c) 2017, 4 in a Bar