John Caffrey Video 6

Calatayud - Pasodoblillo

John Caffrey Video 6
John Manners @ The Team
January 2, 2020

Calatayud - Pasodoblillo

Date: Aug 2017
Duration: 2:18
View Count: 148

Bartolomé Calatayud (1882-1973)
Bartolomé Calatayud was a Majorcan guitarist, composer and teacher, and contemporary of Llobet and Segovia. As well as his own compositions, he is famous for his numerous adaptions of Majorcan folklore melodies.

Cuatro Piezas Faciles Para Guitarra
As the name suggests, these are four simple Spanish guitar pieces. They are perfect as an introduction to this style of music or as part of the repertoire for beginner or intermediate player.
1. Vals
2. Romanza
3. Pasodoblillo
4. Cancion De Cuna

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